Acknowledging Country
We acknowledge the Traditional Owners of Glenelg River Country, Gunditjmara, Boandik, and Jadawadjali Clans of the Wotjobaluk Nation, their intrinsic connection to Country and their cultural interests, rights and obligations to care for it. We pay our respect to their Elders past, present and future.
Glenelg River Yarns
The Traditional Owners of Bochara-Bugara-Pawur (the Glenelg River) have a deep connection to Country and the water that flows through it. Come and hear our yarns, and see Country through our eyes...
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About this project

Bochara-Bugara-Pawur (Glenelg River) is a boundary and a connection for three language nations: Boandik to the west, Jadawadjali Clans of the Wotjobaluk Nation in the north, and Gunditjmara in the south and east. The river system was a permanent source of food and resources through the seasons, as well as an important travel and trade route. Resources such as fish, eels, textiles and bush medicines are still collected today. Many heritage places and cultural sites lie along the river including cultural trees, shell middens and massacre sites. Traditional Owners hold the view that water is linked to the health of people and Country, and we need to be actively involved in water management.

In the Glenelg River Yarns project, Boandik, Wotjobaluk and Gunditjmara Traditional Owners are working together to reconnect with the river and share the cultural values and stories that define it.

This project is about spending time together on the river, young people learning from old people, sharing stories about important places, animals and plants; about the ancestors, about the dispossession, forced removal and massacres, and about our continuing connections and obligations to the river.

Through this process we will design a Cultural Flows plan for the river, which will help achieve environmental outcomes, as well as advancing the social, cultural and economic interests of the Gunditjmara, Wotjobaluk and Boandik Traditional Owner communities.

Through this project and others like it Traditional Owner communities are building the capacity, knowledge and authority to look after rivers and wetlands and restore them to health.

This project is supported by Glenelg Hopkins CMA through funding provided by the Victorian Government.

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